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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to care for your jewelry

By nature, Sterling Silver will tarnish over time. Just ask your mom!!

The best way to prevent excess tarnish is by caring for your silver jewelry properly. We recommend the following:

1. When you are not wearing your jewelry, store tem in a sealed bag, for example, in a Ziplock bag. if you do not want to use a bag but rather your jewelry box, insert a little piece of street chalk or a little bag you often get in a box of new shoes or a new purse!                

2. Please DO NOT wear your jewelry while showering, swimming (especially not in the ocean!), washing dishes, applying perfume, engaging in sports or working out. I know you want to look good while working out (!) but refrain yourself from wearing your best necklace!

3. After wearing your jewelry, we recommend wiping them with a non-abrasive jewelry polishing cloth to remove dirt and tarnish.

4. To fully remove tarnish and any stains on your silver jewelry, it is recommended using any anti-tarnish silver polish that can be found at your local supermarket or pharmacy. Be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle and to always wear gloves when working with silver polish.

5. If using a liquid silver polish, we recommend dipping a Q-Tip into the polish and cleaning the jewelry in a delicate, circular movement to remove the tarnish and dirt. But don't forget to rinse off the polish and dry immediately.

We hope you will find this useful and take care of yourself and your jewelry!!!